Asbestos Abatement & Testing

We are licensed to identify and remove asbestos threatening your health and environment.

As a Licensed Asbestos Contractor, Reclaim Company, LLC brings on-staff licensed Asbestos Inspectors and Supervisors to identify and safely remediate any asbestos present in your project. Reclaim Company complies with and aims to exceed all federal, state and local regulations applicable to every project.

Reclaim Company provides dependable remediation of your asbestos abatement project. With our proactive vision and in order to provide safe and effective services, Reclaim Company remains up to date on all regulatory requirements, changes and updates to regulations.

Reclaim Company also provides Asbestos Training Classes by our own Certified Trainers. Contact us today to schedule your next course for certification!


Asbestos Services Include:

  • Asbestos Sampling and Testing
  • Asbestos Inspection Report including asbestos sample sketches and photos
  • Asbestos Abatement of friable and non-friable asbestos
  • Proper Disposal of asbestos containing materials
  • Residential, Private and Commercial Asbestos Projects

Asbestos Abatement Capabilities:

  • Roofing and materials
  • Flooring
  • Construction Mastics
  • Ceiling Tiles and Lay-in Panels
  • Insulation
  • Piping and pipe insulation
  • Electrical insulation
  • HVAC Duct insulation
  • Electrical Panel Partitions
  • Wall Materials, Plaster
  • Windows
  • Caulking/Putties
  • Adhesives
  • Joint Compounds
  • Vinyl Wall Coverings
  • Spackling Compounds
  • Wallboard
  • Transite Siding



We are licensed to identify and remove asbestos threatening your health and environment.


We have the ability to prepare and develop any site to the exact specifications of the client.


We offer structural and selective demolition to both commercial and residential applications.


We have the unique set of skills to meet your asset recovery and recycling requirements.


Our trained staff offers remediation services that focus on health and safety.


We have the equipment and knowledge to complete any size of excavation project.

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