Our Experienced Team Can Handle Any Jobsite

Reclaim Company, LLC, believes that “development follows demolition.” Razing unsound structures and preparing the land for site development enable new growth of communities. We continuously seek to improve our demolition, site preparation, and environmental remediation techniques so the best possible results are delivered to our clients, staff, and the environment.


Our Team

RJ Williams

President, Member

Steve Gabbert

Chief Operations Office, Member

Josh Staley

Chief Financial Officer, Member

Winter Molnar

HR, Payroll, Admin, Member

Andrew Emery

Project Manager, Member

Chase Fitzwater

Project Manager

Paul Benedum

Project Manager

William Vanhorn

Shop Manager

Sandeep Eshwarmurthy

Engineering Design/Estimator

Jeff D’Abarno


Jason Frazier

Asbestos Supervisor

Steven Merrifield

Asbestos Supervisor

Riccardo Picone

Demolition/Site Supervisor

Corey Hoover

Project Manager

Dana Holcomb


Eliza Cercone-Vangilder

In-House Council

Alex Morris

Assistant Project Manager

Kiley Wagner

Job Application

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