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Clarksburg City Council awarded bid to demolish unsafe building in North View

January 30, 2018

Clarksburg, WV – Clarksburg City Council met Thursday night to discuss using Tax Increment Financing (TIF) fund to demolish a building that is an unsafe structure in the community.

Council unanimously waived the competitive bidding on the demolition of Journey’s End, located in the North View community of Clarksburg. City Council awarded the demolition bid of more than 39,000 to Reclaim Company.

“So they will go in and be taking the structure down, which will be wonderful for the folks of North View because it’s been an eyesore for to long,” said Jim Malfregeot, Vice Mayor for the City of Clarksburg.

The city added the monies used from the TIF fund will come back to the city by the property owner, or city sale of the property if the fund can not be recouped.


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